Fillings / Restorations

The Benefits of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are one of the most common dental procedures. In fact, most people will need at least one filling during their lifetime. Usually done to treat cavities, fillings can also be used to repair cracked or broken teeth and strengthen teeth that have worn down over time. At Country Club Dental, we perform fillings on patients as a simple outpatient procedure that may or may not require a local anesthetic, depending on the depth of the cavity or crack. Having your teeth professionally cleaned and maintained, which includes the insertion of necessary fillings, is the best way to avoid tooth decay and loss.

Fillings help restore teeth back to their normal functionality. Even better, they can prevent further decay by removing the ability of plaque and food to get trapped in the chewing surfaces on your teeth. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, it’s time to schedule a consultation with the dentist. You may have a cavity or minor damage that can be repaired with a filling. Ignoring tooth pain and failing to complete regular cleanings at the dentist can result in serious decay and disease. A professional can identify minor issues that can be cured by a filling before they turn into serious decay or infection and require a root canal or tooth extraction.

What Happens When I Get a Filling?

When you come in for a filling, you’ll be greeted by staff and asked to wait for your appointment, just like when you’re here for a consultation or cleaning. We’ll call you into the examination room and the dentist and hygienist will be in shortly to discuss the procedure. 

Depending on the severity and depth of the area being treated, you may be offered a local anesthetic. The dentist will then remove any decayed tooth material with the appropriate tools and the affected area will be cleaned. After the area is cleansed, the dentist will fill it with filling material. The filling material used depends on the extent of repair, your preference, any sensitivities you may have, such as if you have an allergy to a certain substance, and your budget. Materials used for fillings include gold, porcelain, a composite resin, and amalgam. Our team will discuss your options ahead of time, so you end up with the right choice to suit your needs.

Before the dentist puts away the tools, we will ask you to perform a bite check. The bite check ensures that your teeth align comfortably. If the filling feels too large, our professionals will shave it down until your bite feels even.

How Do I Care for My Filling?

After you receive your filling, you may be instructed not to eat or drink for a short amount of time. Daily care for a filling involves the same hygiene recommended for maintaining oral health. Gentle brushing and flossing done twice on a daily basis will help to maintain the integrity of your teeth, including your fillings. To schedule a check-up or cleaning, or if you have pain or cracks in your teeth and would like to discuss your options for repair, call Country Club Dental today.

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